Dreams of your Life
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This interactive experience is a sister project to Carol Morley's documentary Dreams of a Life.
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Sigh. I absolutely love this sort of thing, but I stopped when it asked for an email address. Do you really have to? So tired of having to do the internet equivalent of showing my papers whenever demanded.
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I played through this project last fall when it got an award nomination at indiecade, and I liked it a lot and was very moved by it (as I was by the movie that it's based on).

I also hesitated over the email address request but went ahead with it (there was something about the tone of the project that made me willing to take the leap -- not sure why) and in the months since I've never gotten any kind of follow-up contact or indeed any indication that my sign-in served any commercial (etc.) purpose for those who actually built the project. I'm guessing (hope I'm not wrong) that by asking for the info the project creators were simply trying to make users think about impediments to interpersonal connection, a big concern of the movie.
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Hmmmm the warlock of firetop mountain now shops at waitrose.
As the only maker of one that wasn't a slacktivist pr job - there's tons of issues with the field of online interactive documentary, the most being this strange perception that you can only be dead or pitiable if you live in social housing.
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I love this sort of thing, too. Sadly, it stopped working for me about what I assume was a third of the way through.

I was really finding it to be a pleasant experience. I found comfort in being prompted to spill secrets to an interactive website. I suppose I need to focus on being more social.
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I've just done the whole thing, mostly because I loved the film so much.

You don't need to put your email address in - they don't verify it, so just put in djkjkajkasa@djkasdjka.com - they won't be any the wiser. (although they do offer to email you things at the end).

I quite liked it, but I wanted to like it more. The tone was a bit annoying, as was only having two choices for every question.

Overall I'm not sure that this adds much to the film - but you really should see the film.
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