Okay now do that 59 more times!
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Start your Monday with some beautiful modular origami at Kusudama Me! by Lukasheva Ekaterina.

The large gallery of base units expands into many beautiful variations on each. Some have diagrams and tutorial videos. Some remind me of cactus, or salt crystals, or ultraviolet stars.

You can also click the gallery's logo to get a random kusudama, or search for ones with available videos and diagrams to make your own.
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Obligatory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipVrBGx_zSE
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Having spent a few years obsessed with modular origami, I can attest that the Penultimate Module is the coolest & most versatile base unit I found.

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Oh man, I used to be so into modular origami. I still have a largish (~8" diameter) geodesic sphere made from folded post-its right here on my desk at work and also a big pile of origami paper.
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All the "moneygami"s seem to be without diagrams or tutorials... bummer!
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I should have first said, "This is awesome!! I only lament that...(previous comment)"
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Those are beautiful! I got into modular origami through one of Tomoko Fuse's books but so far have only tried to reproduce hers. It amazes me that people are clever enough to come up with so many variations on the concept - will have to give some of these a go!
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