For the Next Six Months I'm going to make your life better.
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The Free Help Guy found that he had nothing to do for six months. So decided to spend that time helping others with their "morally deserved, fun, interesting and different" projects. Today he's helping tourist Gillian Chin (@Geeliann) explore London with an Oyster Card, a warm hat and a series of clues to be solved by Twitter Followers.
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Dang, I want to ask him to help me and my husband stealth-move into our new apartment so our current landlady doesn't find out we're subletting the place, but I just can't think of a way to spin that so it sounds "morally deserved"!
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I'd like him to help me figure out Metafilter.
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Dammit, he's in London. I need help moving too. I've got two dressers.
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but then, with a month to go and his savings deplete the next job falls through and before he knows it, he's been between jobs for three years and is drunk. meanwhile, Gillian discovers, shortly before they disappear into the INS system, that her parents aren't legal, her bank account is frozen, she was born in Vietnam and she isn't getting back on that plane to discover what to do with her life.
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Reminds me of the superheroes.
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Ouch, the "can you be my pimp" entry. Hoo boy.
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