David Frost interviews Paul McCartney
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Paul McCartney interviewed by David Frost.

"Paul McCartney, one of the most famous musicians of all time, rose to prominence 50 years ago as part of the British pop sensation The Beatles. From humble, working-class beginnings, McCartney, 70, is now one of the richest men in the world. He has even topped the bill at the White House, playing for US President Barack Obama. In this episode, he sits down with Sir David for a full hour to tell Frost Over the World his own story of the band, and its break up; to discuss some of the highs - and a few lows - of his life; and to provide a glimpse into his world behind the headlines."
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Seattle mefites, I just heard on the radio earlier, he's going to be performing at Safeco Field.
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Is there a transcript available somewhere?
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First question: "Why didn't you just burn the tapes?"
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Guy's put his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion, but he's come up with enough shining lyrical turns-of-phrase to make up for it. He's written some embarrassing little ditties, for sure, but more than enough brilliant pop masterpieces to make up for it. And he's turned in some drippingly saccharine stuff, but he's rocked his ass off to counter those. And he's not NEARLY as reviled as Maggie Thatcher, right?

Otherwise, David Frost is rocking those red socks.
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Poor ol' Macca, always enduring patiently while the early career of the Fabs are gone over yet again, how he and John wrote songs, and yada yada, Yoko and the breakup, etc. We've heard it all before, it is canonical. David Frost used to be better than this. Why not ask about Paul's stuff with Wings too, and such worthy gems like "Waterfalls", "Bluebird", "Another Day", "Here Today" and some of the others -- which are, in and of themselves, master classes in songwriting?
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Good or bad, whatever else he did, my childhood will always thank him for Coming Up.
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@artof.mulata Thank you for the Coming Up video link - I've never seen it before, but the song has gone through my head for decades!
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Knew a guy that claimed he was a studio musician at the time and horn player for the riff on Uncle Albert. Said Paul couldn't write out the notes that he wanted him to play as he didn't know how to (at least then) but just kept repeating the riff to the guy till he got it down.
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Yay Paul McCartney!
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I thought the "one of the richest men in the world" line was a bit of a stretch compared to the 1,400 billionaires on the planet, but damn, he certainly is the richest musician in the world: $800 million according to this list from Classic Rock magazine. Take that Bono, Jagger, and Sting!
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That "richest musician" bit is especially impressive considering that almost all the money they made while the Beatles were still together was either taken in taxes or pissed away in the hundreds of idiocies of the Apple debacle. I mean, seriously, Magic Alex?

I haven't listened to the interview yet. Does he talk about my favorite McCartney story -- riding around the New York City buses?

He'll never be my favorite Beatle -- Ringo forever! -- but he is a lovely fellow who has taken an incredible amount of shit over the years but nonetheless has his head screwed on straight.
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