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Did Morgan Freeman really participate in the "I am Morgan Freeman ask me anything" thread on Reddit?

"I seriously doubt this is Morgan Freeman. There's literally zero proof in this thread and his language usage doesn't seem typical for someone born in 1937.
For instance: He's forgetting to put periods at the end of the last sentences in his posts. This a commonality that started, I believe, when people began to use Instant Messengers in the mid to late 90's. This is because people would communicate live, one sentence at a time where the final punctuation wasn't as important.
Secondly, he doesn't use apostrophes when writing his dates, such as "1870s". Up until recently (the past decade or two), it was proper English to use an apostrophe in dates. Heck, I grew up in the 90's and even I still do it.
In summation, it just seems that the language and grammatical usage as displayed by this poster does not feel as though it is being produced by a highly acclaimed and known to be refined person. Moreover, the quick two-hour question answering seems suspect for someone who would be a highly anticipated IamA. Personally, I'd be more inclined to think that this is some marketing ploy that is being handled by some 20-something year old intern who is speaking for Mr. Freeman, who probably agreed to this in the fine print of one of his contracts."

"This is the proof provided 5 minutes ago... Thanks again, Reddit, I had a good time. Here's a picture (of me after a long day) as proof
Is it just me or does that piece of paper look photoshopped?
Why is this person digging a deeper hole?"
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This post was deleted for the following reason: "Redditors have doubts about subject of AMA" isn't really a great post for Mefi -- taz


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