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Mumble Indie Bungle. "The idea for the collection, in keeping with the titles, is that it’s meant to be this set of crappy indie games that someone perhaps bought for you, mistaking them for the originals," blogged Pippin Barr at the outset of his latest project. Now you can play such not-hits as Gurney (not Journey), Proteas (not Proteus), World of Glue (not World of Goo), Spy Parity (not Spy Party) and 30 Flights of Loathing (as opposed to Loving). Don't want to commit to playing these "games" yourself? Just watch this playthrough. (Previously and previouslier.)

And as luck and timing would have it, at least one of the original games is featured in the current Humble Indie Bundle.
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Oh woah. Spy Party looks awesome.
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Spy Party always looked like vaporware. The guy making it hasn't ever really shipped anything aside from Spore and it's been in development for many years.
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Perpetual beta isn't really vaporware, is it?
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But it looks like there's no beta yet.
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Rusty Brooks, I've been in the beta for months, other people I know have been in the beta for over a year.
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I ain't never played it but just from looking at the website I got the impression that the beta would be available "soon" because of pages like this one:
that say things like "A lot of the details of how the Early-Access Beta will operate are still in flux, but I’m now accepting sign ups so you can reserve your place in line." or "CAN I PLAY IT?
Yes, soon, at least in beta form! "
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The latest blog entries on Spy Party's site are all about working to get the servers up to snuff for an open beta. Judging by the time stamps on the posts, you'll probably be able to buy the client and just start playing in a month or two.
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It is currently in closed beta; open beta is yet to come. I signed up for the beta via your first link a in Jan 2012; according to that same page, beta invite began to roll out in February 2012; I got the beta invite on Jan 20 2013 (contingent on me paying the retail price for the game). Basically instead of 'first come, first served' invitees are chosen randomly from the list. This is so people who came late to the game have a chance of getting an invite, which in turn encourages continued sign-ups, which in turn gives the creator a good idea of what the interest level is for his game so he can budget appropriately (e.g. for when he hired an external artist to make the new character models).

Since then I've played about 4 games, and it is pretty awesome, but quite difficult. It really scratches that multiplayer itch that Assassin's Creed multiplayer has--people pretending to be robots and hunting each other. Love it!

If you want to see how it plays while in beta, sign up for the stream notification list here (note: up to 8 e-mails a day, since it sends out an e-mail for every individual game) and whenever someone streams a game of Spy Party you can watch it live!

I've played every one of the original games, but by far my favourite is Journey. It's a beautiful experience that made me cry (not surprising, when you realize how much thought Chen and his team put into it), and is easily my favourite game of 2012. Proteus is, unlike ProteAs (a game where flowers attack), a calming game of exploration through both space and time, and I play it to calm myself down. Thirty Flights of Loving is one of my favourite game experiences recently, since it deliberately subverted a lot of genre expectations, but it's not for everyone so I can't recommend it (especially as it is incredibly short). Instead, try the previous (and free!) game by the same guy, Gravity Bone (click the link at the bottom of the page).
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