"a spontaneous ballet"
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James Nares' new exhibition 'Street' is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in NYC. It is an HD video of pedestrians in Manhattan, slowed way, way down. Watch 2:17 of the 61 minute piece here, and another 2:01 clip here. Villlage Voice, New York Times, Vogue, and an interview with Nares in Interview. posted by the man of twists and turns (7 comments total) 13 users marked this as a favorite
This is absolutely gorgeous. I could watch it all day. There are so many characters to be interested in and a succession of beautiful moments: the man emerging from the pole, the curve of the backpack straps, the finger raising to point. Great music for the scene too.
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Seems like I've seen stuff like this before, used for effect in movies and commercials, but long-form takes the technique to new places. I'm especially mesmerized by the slow-mo capturing the otherwise all-but-invisible flickering of various light sources. Props for Thurston Moore on the music.
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I could watch this for an embarrassingly long time (which I could make an HD time lapse of = awesome).

I've always wondered if it's possible to slow our experience of time by increasing the clock cycle of our brain (and all of its sensory systems). Do flies perceive time the same way we do, or do they move through a world like that shown in this video? And how would you even test such a thing?

Also, what's with the racquets at 1:05? Is giant tennis a thing (finally)?
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I saw this at the Met and spent about an hour looking for a complete version of it afterwards (no luck, and at the museum said they didn't have any DVDs). There's a moment where a pigeon suddenly bursts into the frame and the Thurston Moore guitars soar and I heard four or five people just gasp.
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Beautiful, yet just for the incogruity, too bad the bennyhillifier doesn't work with Vimeo.
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That was much cooler than I expected. The people moving as different speeds makes it seem like the perspective is shifting in unexpected ways. May be enough to draw me across town to the met.
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Also, what's with the racquets at 1:05? Is giant tennis a thing (finally)?

This is an advertising thing in NYC... but I can't remember what they were advertising. Obviously something to do with tennis!
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