It's Saturday morning. Grab a bowl of cereal and let's watch cartoons!
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The knuckle-cracking one, at least, could have been better... for one, your knuckle doesn't crack because of increased pressure in the synovial fluid, but because of decreased pressure, which causes cavitation.

Also, one guy cracking his knuckles for 60 years is not proof of anything. There are a few real studies that support the idea that cracking your knuckles is probably harmless.
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I prefer the classics.
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Stuff you should know: I already had a bowl of cereal in front of me when I came across this post.

It was meant to be!
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Grea post. I especially liked the lillth / vampire one.
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The book I read on vampires didn't have anything about Lamashtu or Lillith. I would need to see a citation on that before I watch any more of these. (I gave my copy away in a book cull but I am pretty sure I would remember that. The whole book is not on google books but CTRL-f on the selected pages for lil & lam came up zippo.)

I am skeptical there is any connection at all between Lillith and vampires.
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I watched two of these and they were both meh. I felt like I was stuck in a Starbucks being talked to by two people who kept looking out the window the whole time and checking their watches. Kind of lame, but the animation was funny.
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bukovich, isn't that book about vampires specifically about an event in Serbia and the surrounding folklore there specifically? The connection between Lilith and vampires is claimed to have occurred when Hebrew texts seemed to have borrowed from Babylonian and Syrian myths. When that occurred is apparently still controversial, but the connection does seem there, at least according to Wikipedia.

These are all snippets from longer podcasts so while one on Lilith or vampires might cover a lot, I don't think that particular connection was the focus, though I can see how the cartoon might suggest that.
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If you listen to all the different podcasts from the How Stuff Works Empire, it's impressive how they've really perfected the genre of Two Mildly Depressed People Reading Wikipedia Articles.
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Somehow, the show reminded me of Dr. Katz
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I really enjoy the SYSK audio podcast, but I really don't care for the TV show (boring and partly fictional, which kinda takes away from it, IMO) nor these animated ones.
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