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I had never won the game — not as a kid, not in my recent "research" — and once I got a dozen of my peers in a room, some of them actual gamers, I got it in my head that it was important that someone in the room rescue the princess before we put on the movie. Within a few minutes, the attention of the whole group was raptly focused on the TV. There was a lot of backseat Mario driving — everybody was shouting out suggestions, secret tips to shortcuts or hidden blocks or pipe tunnels where you could get a mushroom — but it was friendly, collaborative. When one player would lose all his lives, he'd hand the controller (I only got one in the eBay package, alas) over to the person next to him. It was like watching a big sports game, but more exciting — it was truly communal.

Hollywood Archaeology at Grantland returns to the Super Mario Bros. movie.
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