There are some new cops out on the street.
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There are some new cops out on the street. Yes. Its Eric Stoltz starring in "Jesus & Hutch". Just in time for Christmas. *Warning* This is a movie so if you are on a dialup like I am, sorry.
posted by KevinSkomsvold (7 comments total)
please god tell me this is real.

i think ive found my new favorite movie.
posted by Satapher at 11:01 PM on November 28, 2001

actually, come to think of it, theres no way this is real.

Falwell would have a heart attack
posted by Satapher at 11:04 PM on November 28, 2001

and don't forget about kung-fu jesus
posted by sawks at 11:22 PM on November 28, 2001

I always love that concept (variation on the "crime-fighting Jesus" that can be found all over and others), but all in all it was a poor execution (no pun intended).

It's cool they got Stoltz to do it, but mostly they just came up with the initial gimmick- and they let it sit there, doing nothing with it. I thought that kung-fu jesus was better...
posted by hincandenza at 11:47 PM on November 28, 2001

Kung Fu Jesus looks like it would actually be an enjoyable movie to watch.
posted by jennyb at 6:25 AM on November 29, 2001

Yeah, this thing needed to be about half as long as it was. Coulda woulda shoulda been funny.

Oh, the MPEG artifacts were dreadful.
posted by kindall at 8:16 AM on November 29, 2001

kindall -- my thoughts exactly. The WMP encoding blows. And why do these parody shorts always seem to always overstay their welcome? Chop off 2 minutes and it would have actually remained funny.
posted by Fofer at 9:31 AM on November 29, 2001

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