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"There have appeared in history certain extraordinary men whose thinking was infused with passion, whose philosophies have changed the world. Alexander Zuckerkandl, MD, PhD, was perhaps the greatest philosopher of our twentieth century. As Aristotle was to antiquity, as Aquinas was to the Middle Ages, so Zuckerkandl is to modern times. The influence of Zuckerkandl has been such that we are all his followers whether we know it or not. Of these followers none is more ardent than our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Robert M. Hutchins."
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Wow. The length of the video changed from 15 minutes to 4 minutes while I was watching it.
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Alright. After the first half-minute I cracked a beer and have sat down for some serious thought in the remainder of this vido. Even though there are some signs to the contrary...
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"It supplies mankind with reasons for what it is doing already."
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Must wait for more comments. Can't parse the first three comments to know whether to watch it.
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Worth it, in my view! Was enthralled and then suddenly moved by the last few moments.
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"...and therefore had nothing to do."

Oh my god, I am learning. LEARNING!
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Thought this would be about Viktor Zuckerkandl. Was surprised. Not unpleasantly.
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The trouble with this sort of dry satire is that 21st-century post-modernists are likely to take it seriously.
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My reaction on reading the title of this post was "what the fuck? Who the fuck is Alexander Zuckerkandl? My philosophy degree must be worthless."

Then I got the joke!
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