Kevin Krigger and the Sport of Kings
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"Black jockeys once dominated the Kentucky Derby, winning 15 of the first 28 titles between 1875 and 1902. They were former slaves and their sons – a vestige of colonial times, when planters owned both horses and riders. Post–Civil War, they were the country's best riders, but the narrow window opened by Reconstruction was slammed shut by Jim Crow. Even in Northern cities, white jockeys and officials ran black riders off the track, whitewashing their legacy. Churchill Downs was completely segregated throughout the 1950s. On May 4, 29-year-old jockey Kevin Krigger looks to reverse that history at Churchill Downs, riding Goldencents, an early top-10 favorite trained by Doug O'Neill (who trained last year's winner). Krigger is just the second black jockey to compete in the Derby since 1921, and the first from the U.S. Virgin Islands." Via Men's Journal
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What you know about Shaun Bridgmohan? First Jamaican in the Kentucky Derby.
First Jamaican in the Kentucky Derby

(It appears Mr Bridgmohan is of Indian ancestry.)
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This is really cool, I'm really glad you shared this!
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Kevin has won me a lot of money at Golden Gate Fields. When he enters the paddock to mount up people will often shout at him, "Kevin! You gonna win today!?" without fail, every time, he replies with a genuine smile and salute with his whip, "I'm gonna try!"
I wish nothing but success for this guy.
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It was a great Derby but I am still sad he was not the winning jockey. Hoping to see more of him in top races in the future.
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