The Short Films of Louis C.K.
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Top dog comedian, Louis C.K., has picked up a number of industry nods for the talented writing, acting, editing, and directing he does for his show Louie on FX. The highbrow aesthetics of the show might come as a surprise to anyone that remembers his Hollywood flop, Pootie Tang, but C.K. also created a number of indie comedy shorts during the 90s and 00s that may now merit closer attention: Ice Cream (1993), The Letter V (1998), The Legend of Willie Brown (1998), Ugly Revenge (??), Hijacker (1998), Hello There (1998), Brunch (1998), Searching for Nixon (2006), Persona Ne'll Aqua (1999).

Ice Cream definitely puts David Lynch’s Season 3 cameo in perspective. Hello There is probably the best one.

These are all from Louie's Youtube channel.

Bonus link: Louis C.K. interview with Howard Stern from a few weeks ago.
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Sa da tay!
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I own maybe five movies on DVD, and one of the is Pootie Tang. So ... someone definitely remembers it.

So you better wapataw to the bammies because the cammytown's a biddy on the pannie sty.
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oh man! thanks so much for these.
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Seriously, Pootie Tang is great. Sadly if you ask Louis about it, he didn't have a damn thing to do with the post production, so it's not really his movie.

It may to this day still be my favorite Wanda Sykes role.

Sign me on the runny kind.

//Calling Pootie Tang a flop outs you as a square.
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Pootie Tang was Louis? That explains why I thought it was really funny in a delightfully bizarre way and why I enjoy his humour to the same level. I only started seeing his stuff a few months ago (we got Netflix) and I am starting to see what all the fuss is about with him.
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Pootie Tang was a flop? What? Don't make me get my belt out...
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Just to say that I parsed "Top dog comedian" as
Top dog-comedian,
and not
Top-dog comedian,
which lead to a surreal couple of minutes.
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Everyone knows that the top dog-comedian is C.K.'s close personal friend, Triumph.
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Good point, dgaicun, though I had also imagined "dog-comedian" meaning "comedian for dogs" rather than "comedian who is a dog", and had an image of CK standing in front of a kennel riffing on his complicated relationship to the word "bitch".
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"Wasted on the crappiest generation of idiots"

The first time I ever saw/heard of Louis CK was on an Air Canada flight (I forget to where). As opposed to WestJet, AC only had pre-recorded programming, and I happened upon his Conan interview where he eventually talks about air travel, this one ==>

"You're sitting in a chair IN THE SKY!", you non-contributing zero!

I just turned 50, so please forgive me.
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