Saturday Morning Hinduism
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Introductions to major figures: Lord Shiva (8:55), Lord Ganesha (10:41), Lord Hanuman (11:25), and Lord Krishna (12:38). But it really doesn't end there.

If maybe you're a little intimidated by or just too young for written sources such as the Mahapuranas, the Ganesh Purana, the Ramayana (or a travelogue based on it), the Mahabharata / Bhagavad Gita, the Srimad Bhagavata Purana, the Kathasaritsagara (perhaps abridged), or even the Panchatantra, these animated adaptations offer a very gentle starting point. Enjoy. Previously: Amar Chitra Katha (regarding these awesome comic books); The Little Book of Hindu Deities (see also Ramayana and Ganesha's Sweet Tooth); and Sita Sings the Blues.
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Wow. Just watched the Lord Shiva installment. This is my New Favorite Thing. Thank you.

Or should I say... धन्यवाद (dhan'yavāda).
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This is the best usage of 2 frames per second animation ever.

Also, I'd pay to see these with real CC captions. Learning pronunciation of the names is really hard for us midwestern english only speakers.
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The impression I'm getting so far is that Lord Shiva is the sexy bad boy of the Hindu pantheon. Noted.
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Krishna's mother doesn't show when she is pregnant with him.
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I remember watching the film adaptation of the Peter Brook adaptation of the Mahabharata several years ago and being entirely entranced. Apparently it's up on YouTube to watch (with Italian subtitles). It's lengthy, and it's worth the time investment. Here you are: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
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Very cool! Such a rich mythology, which I know almost nothing about.
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Very cool! Such a rich mythology, which I know almost nothing about.

Raised in a Hindu house and I still only know a fraction of this. That's the beauty, always something more to learn, to discover.
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I have a friend who was a reporter for a weekly in Mumbai. He published an article-cum-satire of Hanuman, the largest property owner in India. Brahmin priests set up temples Hanuman, use it as their house, and get a decent income from donations to the 'upkeep' of the temple. Because Indian courts recognize Hindu deities as parties (look up the legal controversy surrounding the Ayodhya mosque), there is an irresistible satirical allure to the idea that Hanuman is the legal owner of these temples (since everyone knows it's just Brahmins who are the de facto owners and beneficiaries of the reverence for Hanuman).

In any case, his article about Hanuman's property empire went over predictably well in 1990's India, and he was faced with hundreds of death threats. I can't remember how his story ended, but I think he was forced to publish a tongue-in-cheek apology for any offense he caused to Hanuman.
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In a similar vein, can I suggest the animated series "Little Krishna"? The original installments were a half hour each, then later collected into three (short) feature-length movies:

"The Darling of Vrindavan"

"The Legendary Warrior"

"Wondrous Feats"

The individual episodes are also available on YouTube. The first one I saw is still my favorite: "Attack of the Serpent King" tells the story of Krishna dancing on the many heads of the serpent Kaliya, which is an image that may be familiar.

All episodes are available in Hindi and English.
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"...By now, Shiva was very angry and started to dance furiously. Everybody, including the sages, was charmed and stopped to watch the dance."

I don't get it.
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Charmed = Bewitched?
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Seems kinda unlikely.

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Needs more scenes of Shiva smoking hash.
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Begging pardon if it's poor etiquette to point to an item for sale in the outside world, but I searched when I saw mention of "the Peter Brook adaptation of the Mahabharata." The lowest price via the big A was ~$90; I bought a sealed copy on eBay for ~$28 including shipping. The seller had eight more copies for sale. Features included English subtitling.
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