I've taken people on tour here where they've wept
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A short tour through the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum's library, the world largest collection of comics and cartoon art with the curator Caitlin McGurk and cartoonists Ed Piskor, Jasen Lex and Jim Rugg. For those wanting to see more treasures from the library, there's also the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum's blog.
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What they say about Nancy is fantastic, and just having the appreciation--sitting around a table towrking out how one feels with like minded company, fantastic video!
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I volunteered for several months at the Library of Congress cataloging some of the comic strips in its collection. Mostly lesser-known (to me, anyway) artists from the '20s and some newspaper strips from the '60s. Just looking at the original art, seeing where corrections had been made, looking at the line widths and the ink textures was fantastic.

Would love to visit this facility. Thanks for posting.
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