Pierre Bensusan plays "Intuite"
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That is all (SLYT)
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Oh arrgh. I'm at work today (downtime, not any of my systems that are down but we're just as hosed as if it were) and behind a firewall/proxy/netnanny that blocks the 'toob. Thanks for the heads-up, can't wait to get home and see/hear this. Long may Bensusan be the best. (And long may other great celtic/dadgad-style fingerpickers think "Naaa, I'm as good as that and I'm gonna prove it right now!" All the more wonderful stuff for us to listen to.)
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Seems like he really got "Intuite".
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Wow ! Quel toucher de corde ! Thanks...
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Can't figure out what they're all finding so funny at the start.
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> Can't figure out what they're all finding so funny at the start.

Well, Bensusan is sort of mugging it up a bit at the start, and it's a known fact that Guitar Ghods can wiggle their eyebrows and make people fall all over themselves. The audience for euro-celt acoustic fingerpicking is sort of niche compared to Top 40 but for that audience PB is bsolutely a Guitar Ghod.
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Is that really all? I watched and saw a guy noodling around on an acoustic guitar while the audience laughed. What did I miss?
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Ahhh, bliss! Complex, subtle, intelligent and masterful. A brilliant work of art. Thanks for that lawrencium.
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I'm going to say "That is all" is not enough of a set-up for me. I'm with milnak.
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I'd never heard of the subject and wanted to know more so I googled, though I'm not sure I found any real additional context that's helpful for me personally. It looks like this Pierre Bensusan fellow is a French-Algerian guitarist and composer who's known for playing with his guitar tuned in DADGAD (standard being EADGBE for those of you who aren't also guitarists), which results in an open tuning that is especially popular for playing Celtic music and other folk/traditional and traditional-inspired types of genre (though it has also been used in rock and stuff). Benusan did a song on the Cowboy Bebop according to Wikipedia, so people might have heard that/heard of him thereby, and I found an NPR interview in which they call him "the acoustic Jimi Hendrix" so he'd appear to be a pretty big deal I guess? This specific track is something that appeared on his first album of acoustic work. I'm not into the scene enough to know what other links might be related or interesting though.
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Sounds like John McLaughlin on a bad day. I'm with milnak on this one too.
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