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The Origins Project at ASU presents the final night in the Origins Stories weekend, focusing on the science of storytelling and the storytelling of science.The Storytelling of Science. Part 2.

The Storytelling of Science features a panel of esteemed scientists, public intellectuals, and award-winning writers including well-known science educator Bill Nye, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, Science Friday's Ira Flatow, popular science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, executive director of the World Science Festival Tracy Day, and Origins Project director Lawrence Krauss as they discuss the stories behind cutting edge science from the origin of the universe to a discussion of exciting technologies that will change our future. They demonstrate how to convey the excitement of science and the importance helping promote a public understanding of science.
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I was lucky enough to be at this event and it was incredible. The first part where everybody tells stories about things that got them excited about science was great, but the Q&A in the 2nd part was where people really got passionate. Seeing Bill Nye ask Neil deGrasse Tyson if he was high and later physically restrain him made for one of the most awesome evenings in the history of science.
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I just saw Krauss at the University of New Orleans. He gave a great lecture, though starting that video reminded me that I'd already heard The Galaxy Song on tape loop for nearly 45 minutes and didn't really need to hear it again. (As much as I love all things Python.)
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I was lucky enough to be there. I really love Neil deGrasse Tyson's story about art and science. I won't spoil it, but it really made me think.
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