These are not your father's bumper cars
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Cool bumper cars, from 1920s vintage cars to converted cars with motorcycle engines.

More on Tom Wright, who created the converted bumper cars. MR38 explains that the DMV has revoked the registration on most of those cars.
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Bummer, CA DMV. I would love to see one of those bumper cars cruising around!
posted by Mars Saxman at 8:47 PM on April 22, 2013

Great googly moogly, this causes great lust in the car-oriented areas of my brain.
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There aren't many things that make me so happy & excited but this is damn sure one of them!

How awesome that he will not break up the set, & that he prefers models from Lusse Auto Scooters!

OMFG I love these things.
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yoga: "Here's a test drive of a newish converted one in a parking lot."

Those look like so much fun to drive! Is it wrong that that I wanted him to bump the SUV that pulled up?
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The Lusse is pretty much the gold standard of bumper cars, so seeing their beautiful bodywork kept up is a treat in itself. How wonderful.

I also really liked the plate that read "IS2LEGL". Keep on not-bumpin, Tom!
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