Measles outbreak in Britain
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Oh, how I wish Wakefield could be brought up on charges.
posted by magstheaxe at 10:12 PM on April 23, 2013

This post is very GYOBy. The "is responsible for" link is to the Daily Mail. Epidemiology is a bit more complicated than this.
posted by latkes at 10:14 PM on April 23, 2013

Oh, how I wish Wakefield could be brought up on charges.

Serious question: why can't he? Fraud, reckless endangerment, *something*? There has to be a law that covers "fucking with the health of a generation because cash."
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Also, there's another thread detailing vaccine issues in the comments just two doors down, and this particular issue has been discussed here before.
posted by latkes at 10:16 PM on April 23, 2013

Anybody get the feeling latkes isn't a fan of vaccines?
posted by Justinian at 10:21 PM on April 23, 2013

Ah, sorry, I do like the Daily Mail for the amusing writing and the pretty pictures, and I tend to forget it's not politically correct.

Could you kindly link to the thread that talks about vaccines?
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Eh, that's probably not true. Bad justinian, no biscuit.
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The Mail is less "not politically correct" and more "evil".
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Can hysteria be brought up on charges, and Morbillivirus exonerated at last?
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I find this interesting and think it deserves an FPP. I said as much in the comments of the post two doors down.

I'd heard of Wakefield and his sparking of baseless vaccine fears, but I didn't know that he also apparently is accused of putting children through unnecessary medical tests:
Children were enrolled in the study who should not have been and were subjected to tests including brain scans, colonoscopies and spinal taps, that were not justified or necessary, the panel said.

Dr Wakefield said the children were referred in the normal way where as in fact this was not true for some of the children.

In March 1999, at his son's birthday party, Dr Wakefield paid children to have blood taken for the research
(from the Daily Mail)

latkes: What's "gyoby"?
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Well the Guardian says the same thing too.
posted by KokuRyu at 10:24 PM on April 23, 2013

I wonder if the anti-vax crowd would stick to their guns in the face of a truly deadly pandemic? I'd have little sympathy for them but their poor kids...

I worked this season as a flu shot nurse, gave hundreds of them, and got my own, but unfortunately, the flu vaccine wasn't very effective this year. Also, having done many years of health education writing, I can tell you that most folks who do this kind of work don't think making up bad names for people is a particularly effective way to get them on your side, or to help them change health-related behaviors.

Why is a refusal to be vaccinated considered "hysteria"? That's what I call editorializing, not to mention pretty much totally dismissing a whole group of people that I'm guessing most here on metafilter don't know much about, and effectively silencing the folks here who might have some concerns about vaccinations.
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