No longer Valentine's Day, but...
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Remember when Isaac proposed to Amy? (previously on MeFi.) Here's what they've been up to since.
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That's really cool.

It also makes me jealous of people who have functional and together families...
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I want to hate this but I just can't and I miss my grampa
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I didn't like the proposal one but the second was a tear-jerker.
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Whoo boy, that made me well up like crazy. Really well done.
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It is wonderful. But it does merit a parody where the whole thing starts with excruciatingly awkward family photos and ends with a giant fight triggered by affairs, divorcees, inheritance grudges and Grandpa Steve's mis-judged drunken wedding speech from 1998.
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I've never met him, but I like Isaac just for being willing to put the time and energy into producing these for the people he loves. He seems like a pretty good guy.
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Man, just being able to get a quantity of 4 generations in the same field - fuck - no way I could do that for my family . I'd be lucky, seriously, to get a small smattering of 2 generations
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Oh oof...I miss my grandparents fiercely right now. Good on you, Isaac. Good on you and your smug functional family.

Okay, they're not smug. I'm just jealous.
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Insert Grumpy Cat meme
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How in the hell do you coordinate/choreograph that many people and that many camera moves?

(PS: It's raining, on my face.)
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Kind of convenient that I'm about to go take a shower. Water streaming down my face should camouflage this nicely.
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Grandpa David looks pretty good in his Navy get-up.
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I sent this to my family because I love them and sometimes I'm not sure how much they know it. So I like to send reminders.

I lost it entirely at the gay, interracial couple, and granted I was only hanging on by a thread by that point but it kind of sent me bawling. And I feel a little strange thinking about it, but I guess I'm (and the US is) at the point where it still seems kind of remarkable to see two men who love each other being surrounded by such a large and supportive group of people. And I don't claim to know anything about these people so yeah, maybe some of their family isn't all high fives about their relationship, but they cared enough to make this video with them.

And I think that's why it tore me up so bad (in a good way), just because this isn't the context I usually get to see gay/lesbian couples in. Or even interracial couples. And I guess I'm sobbing both because it made me happy but also because I'm looking forward to the day it'll be entirely unremarkable.

So thanks for this. I mean sort of, because I may be covered in my own snot and tears but at least I'm the only one in the office.
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Super sweet; I find it especially touching how nuclear and linear his family narrative is. Mine would be: meet granddad. He and my grandmother had two kids, she died, he remarried a woman with four kids, then they had another one together although they later found out my step-grandmother had been having an affair so we're not quite sure how Uncle Simon is related. And I won't even do the other side, lest it turn into material for a parody video.
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Yeah, my family is a catalogue of dysfunction. Plus everyone interesting died of cirrhosis. I think William Faulkner would have to make the music video.
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I'm friends with one of Issac's aunts, who's in this video with her husband. I've got to let them know they've made metafilter's front page and are now famous!
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It's suddenly very dusty in my apartment. *sniff*
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