Finnish Fan Foments Flash Friday Fun
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Hapuriainen makes dress ups / character creators: Disney Girls dress up; Pokémon Trainer creator; Naruto character creator; W.I.T.C.H. Guardians maker; and 64 others.

Full list: See also: Hapuriainen's tutorial on how to create dress ups in Flash.

Note: These may be useful as character designers for tabletop RPGs: Pokémon Jr.; Cute and Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters and other BESM settings; Open Versatile Anime; HeartQuest (including Musical Mistresses, Steel Roses, and Livin' on a Dream); Witch Girls Adventures; a game of Breaking the Ice or Shooting the Moon focusing on anime-style characters; or a game of Primetime Adventures about the voice actors for the characters you create. See also the several forum-based Naruto RPGs.

Previously: Paper Doll Heaven; dress-up & paper dolls; and FFF.
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Incidentally, to give FFF due respect, consider turning on your browser's click-to-play settings: Chrome; Firefox (where it's partially becoming a default); Safari; and IE.
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I really enjoyed dressing up mermaid-version-Ariel to make her more princessy.

That is all.

I'd say don't tell anyone but anyone who knows me knows how much I love Ariel.
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Paper Dolls! For Girls!
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Remember the KiSS paper doll system?
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So many available shorts for my Pokemon trainer! And they're so easy to wear!
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OMG! ALL FOR ME???? Monsieur Caution, you've just been spoused.
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