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As 'ladette mag' turned celebrity rag More! magazine closes, a former writer reminisces on the 'arrival of the suits'. And another on being a male writer at a teen girl's magazine.
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I was always critical of women's magazines as a young man: now I realise this was just the tedious old patriarchy, and I would have loved a magazine that talked about sex, and fashion I could afford, and maleness as a teenager.

Not that 2000AD wasn't great, and all!
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alasdair, that is one of my favorite comments ever!
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Not that 2000AD wasn't great, and all!

You say that. I could never see myself being able to afford a Lawgiver either (model's own).
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Why thank you!

I have a little son now, only four months old, and I look at him and think of him in fifteen years' time, and how it'll be easy for him to be sexually frustrated and arrogant and scared and contemptuous of female things just like I was (women's pop music is rubbish, women's hobbies are boring, women's politics are personal not systematic, women are emotional and not rational blah blah blah...) but I hope he won't. He'll have the Internet, so there will be the opportunity to encounter alternative voices (as well as the danger of seeking out like-minded groups and just watching porn and violence all day...)

Oh, and he might be gay/transsexual, of course. So long as he likes 2000AD more than Marvel or DC! Some things are IMPORTANT.
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