Endbahnhof, bitte aussteigen Sie!
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Endbahnhof, a collection of photographs of every U-Bahn station in Berlin, organised by line and showing the variety of architectural styles in the system. There is an interview with the photographer, Kate Seabrook, here.
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Great pictures! Nitpick: it's just "bitte aussteigen", and if you wanted to include a subject it would be "bitte steigen Sie aus"
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Neat! I wish more US transit systems had this kind of variety. Mostly we go for "grimy" vs "not-so-grimy" with a bit of "cavernous" vs "claustrophobic" thrown in....

I am still disheartened by my first trip to Washington DC, where the train station has this magnificent facade and entry hall that leads into a waiting area that looks like a low-end bus station.
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These are wonderful. Sehr gut.
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Gosh, this instantly takes me back. I used to ride between Kleistpark and Oskar-Helene-Heim almost daily. Just seeing the station signs gives me palpable nostalgia pangs and teary eyes.

Thanks for posting this.
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This was a great thing to wake up to. I lived right at Podbielskiallee station for two years in the 90's, how great to see the stations, and so wonderfully photographed. I only wish there were more!
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Is that a mural of a girl hugging a robotic astronaut at Karl Marx Strasse?
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Bitte aussteigen

Don't tell me what to do.
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U7 has some really great tile work. Scroll down about half way. Wilmersdorfer, Richard-Wagner-Platz, Jungfernheide etc.
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Is that a mural of a girl hugging a robotic astronaut at Karl Marx Strasse?

No, it's an awful Axe ad.
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The U8 is a wonder of gross decay until you leave the Berlin "ring" at Gesundbrunnen, then by the time you reach the next station, Pankstrasse, things get crazy and it's like the 70's never stopped. And the stations are so clean.
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