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Hey guys! I'm a PhD student in Communications and I'm looking for MeFites who might be interested in a short (10min) survey/interview about, well, MeFi - how you came to it, how you make decisions about what to post and read, what kinds of daily habits you have, and so on. Just head to the link here. More details below - but if you're interested, please complete it BEFORE reading/posting comments on this thread!

This is a pilot study for a larger work into 'mid-level' online communities and how they fit into our everyday life of talking to each other. (It's a little more detailed than that, but I don't want to influence your answers too much; I promise to say more after the interviews.) I've only lurked a little here, so I hate to be That Guy that barges in and asks for help - but I am looking to show how The Internet is not just Facebook + Twitter, contrary to the weight of research these days, and MeFi is the best case I know of large communities with thoughtful conversation and a local culture.

The interview link takes you to a 'survey', but there are only 3 multi-choice questions, then 11 fill-in questions. These are the heart of the interview; please jot down whatever comes to mind, in as much detail as possible. The more small details about habits and thought processes, the better.

Participation is of course voluntary. This study's been approved by MetaFilter staff, and I have IRB approval from my home institution. All personal information will be anonymised. In the event of a publication, I will give each respondent a copy of the manuscript to comment on beforehand if they wish. I can be contacted through

Thank you again!
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