Created equal; photographed separately.
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Created Equal is a photo project created by photographer Mark Laita in which he focuses on the contrasts between people, the lives and cultures through black and white portraits of different people. Some images possibly NSFW.
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They get much better as they go along when it's more "biker gang vs. liturgical gang" and "polygamist vs pimp" and less "wwwwwoaaaaah there are both skinny models and old fat dudes in the world?"
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Some bordered on being cheap shots or patently obvious but I did enjoy this, this and this...
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Yes, Mariachi/Elvises (Elvii?) for the win.
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I know some people on the blue get their pants in a twist with side scrolling web sites but Mark's presentation of the images on his site is worth checking out for the context he gives for each diptych.
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Thank you photoslob, that does help with some of less obvious pairings.
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The first time you see it, it's clever. But on secondary review, it comes off as heavy-handed, especially the Marine and the wounded veteran.

But the Astronaut and alien abductee was inspired.
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I find it legitimately funny that he put two glamor models, a ballerina, a heavily tattooed fellow, and a black youth with a boombox alongside a series of relatively nondescript fatties. You seem preoccupied, artist.

Definitely helped by context, thanks, photoslob!
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