Fire Writing
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Etsuko Ichikawa is a Seattle-based artist who specializes in glass pyrography. 2100°/451° is a short film of her at work.

Traces of the Molten State is another video that more clearly shows the results of her work.

Breath-Memory is yet more molten glass porn, this time with wood as the medium of choice.

The final results are stunning, resembling fluid cursive handwriting.

Her work, the first video, and several other paper-centric artists are on display at the Paper Unbound exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle.

(Still in the mood for glass pyrography? Here's a glass-on-wood video from Carmi Giora Katsir. And another one of glass on paper via Manny Ling, but more of the blowy-stampy variety than the draggy-swirly featured above.)

Pyrography ephemera, and previously on The Blue.
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Holy cow that's cool. So to speak.
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This is where I say that I don't understand that which purports to be art.
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wow! sensational! thanks for this post.
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I just rode my motorcycle past the studio this morning (the clerestory rotating blinds are quite distinctive, as is the smell of hot glass!). I had no idea the artist whose work I just saw this weekend, worked in location I know pretty well.

The other interesting bit is she is apparently making Prince Rupert's Drops (strong yet implosive if nicked) by water-cooling the hot glass after use.
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Love your tags.

blowystampy, draggyswirly
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I'm gonna be honest here, I saw a Japanese name and my brain would not let it be anything but "glass pornography". Wow. That sucks. The Internet has really fucked me up.
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Having personally worked in a foundry pouring molten brass and aluminum, a frantic voice was screaming in my head the entire time I watched the video about the lack of protective gear and her apparent lack of concern that her feet would combust.
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