Selections from the BFI's collection of early cinema
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The British Film Institute's YouTube channels offer a staggering amount (previously) of content on historical cinema, shorts, and discussion. Some short selections from the early and silent period of note - The Sick Kitten (1903) - How Percy Won The Beauty Competition (1909) - Tilly The Tomboy Visits The Poor (1910) - Suffragette Riot In Trafalgar Square (1913) - The Fugitive Futurist, in which a man on the run shows a device that can see far into the future (1924) - Vaudevillian legend Billy Merson Singing 'Desdemona'. Widely considered Britain's first sound film - (1927) Charley In New Town - part of an animated series from the Central Office, this one explaining the need for "New Towns." (1948) - Growing Girls, a filmstrip guide to puberty for young women (1951).
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Automatic Fare Collection and You (1969) is the most wonerful film ever made.
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Thanks, this was awesome!
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Wow, these are great! Pretty amazing to see that suffragette footage. Take heart, for Mrs. Pankhurst has been clapped in irons again!
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I loved Charley In New Town, because I grew up in a New Town, and my Dad worked for the Commission for the New Towns, so my childhood was steeped in the history of the new Towns movement. I was also amused at hearing posh luvvies putting on working class accents, rather unsuccessfully.
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