"All of them Frank. "
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An underappreciated gem, from a Hollywood icon. and a very sweet Britcom from 1936, when he was still Archie.
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He was a wonderful little dancer, I used to call him twinkle-toes.
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Father Goose is a comfort-film in the Creature household.
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Leave the poor guy alone and let him have a few drinks, for petes sake.
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Cary Grant in a movie is sort of like a stamp of assurance that this movie meets certain minimum requirements for enjoyment. I can't think of a Grant performance I didn't enjoy.

True story...When I was a kid, my mom and aunts dragged myself and my cousins with them to go see Father Goose.
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I'm looking forward to watching The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss one day, but was dismayed to find that the Internet Archive only has the 61 minute US edit. Does anyone know where to find the full 80 minute 1936 UK original?

And of course, just two years later Grant would achieve the very pinnacle of his career (imho - - it's on my lifetime top ten movies list), with the incomparable Bringing Up Baby.
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It's a weird little movie, but I've always enjoyed Sylvia Scarlett.
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I saw "Father Goose" during its first run in 1964. I was 8 years old. This line of dialogue made me laugh harder than I ever had at the movies:

Lieutenant Stebbings : Mother Goose is requesting a chaplain.

Commander Frank Houghton : A chaplain? Good heavens, he's killed her.

Lieutenant Stebbings : No, sir. They want to get married.

Commander Frank Houghton : Married? Goody Two-Shoes and the Filthy Beast?

Remember, I was 8 years old. But, whenever I recall that bit of dialogue, I can't help but grin.
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Thanks for sharing "The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss." I had never even heard of it before and enjoyed the movie, bowdlerized or not.

There's no one like Cary Grant.
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He was a wonderful little dancer, I used to call him twinkle-toes.

I was watching when she did it. Now, there is no video of it. (but there is! at bottom )
Old lady forgetfulness, or something more.
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