Poets and fanatics will be known
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Are all US federal prisons run internally by racially-segregated gangs? I.e., is Auernheimer going to have to join the Aryan Nation for his own protection, and come out with swastika tattoos and unsavoury loyalties?
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Lol no. That's a TV-fueled fantasy. Jail is tough and he will probably get beat up a couple of times, but it's not like Oz.
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Anyway, great reporting by Ronson, as usual. Captures the spectrum of the folks the US gov is prosecuting right now from pure capitalists like Dotcom, overthetop activists like Auernheimer, angry working class dudes like Troy, and mildly confused but righteous college kids like Mercedes. Out of all of these, the working class men and women (like Sabu mentioned in the article as well) hacking out of frustration and a desire to protest meaningfully have most of my sympathy, as they did in the Occupy movement. There needs to be more measured speech from mainstream politicians about internet freedom and its importance to our basic liberties, because I agree with a lot of what Auernheimer says but BURN IT DOWN AND SAY THE NWORD LOL is not really a workable solution. Someone like a Elizabeth Warren for the internet.
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Calling weev an "activist" is awfully fucking generous.
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I mean in the sense that Black separatists, yippies and Westboro are activists. Doesn't mean he's particularly focused or founded on a coherent ideology.
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Interesting article, but "the frontline of the war in cyberspace"? Weev and Dotcom? I hope this is the editor's headline.
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Yeah, the story of computer security these days is no longer the lone genius hacking into NASA to gain geek-cred. It's about China training over 30,000 computer PhD's to harvest intellectual property from American corporations so that the country can be more competitive against the USA. The stories about DotCom and Auernheimer are quaint relics of another era, romanticism, like 1930s gangsters. Things are much bigger and more serious now. The press apparently isn't good at keeping up with what's going on. Suggest checking out America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime, and Warfare by a former NSA administrator who saw it all.
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And yet the prosecution uses weev's Reddit bio "I hack code in 11 different languages on a regular basis" as a statement against him. Sigh.
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The bestest thing of all about this is that "Gayniggers from Outer Space" is available in full on youtube. As a lover of bad movies, I am watching it now, and can instantly recommend it.
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I recall reading an interview where weev begged for people to mail him books and other things that would make his life in prison more tolerable. I know it would be impossible to send him things that would make his life in prison more intolerable, much as I'd like to. Perhaps we can start a campaign to send things to all the other inmates that have to put up with his shit, and make their lives more tolerable.
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weev is just the human incarnation of 4chan. It may be incredibly ugly, but it still needs to exist, if only to drag the overton window back to more progressive discussion.
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people like weev depress me because i disagree with them on a lot of shit which means i get fucked over if i try to help them with the stuff i do agree with
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Foreign Affairs: Don't Underestimate Cyber Spies
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But for What?

For the lulz.
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