Want free admission to a baseball game? Get a tattoo.
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Want free admission to a baseball game? Get a tattoo. The Daytona Cubs, a minor league affiliate (high A-ball) of the Chicago Cubs, are running a promotion where "Any fan 18 or older who gets a Daytona Cubs tattoo from Willie's Tropical Tattoo in Ormond Beach, Fla., will receive a lifetime general admission ticket." "I'm not squeamish about where someone wants to put it," said Charlie Subock of Tropical Tattoo. "It might be disrespectful to get it on your butt. But if you didn't like the Cubs, that may be the place to put it."
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minor/indie league baseball is the best.
posted by moz at 3:11 PM on November 30, 2001

I heard tell of some bars that give you free food/drinks for life if you get their logo tattooed on your body.

Also, minor league baseball is great, I agree. San Jose Giants have a promo wherein one of the opposing batters is the Beer Batter...if he strikes out beer is 50 cents or something. Also, the stands are about 5 feet away from the foul line for getting-hit-in-the-head fun!
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you mean like Rocket From The Crypt? get their logo branded on your skin and you get in shows for free, and they even press limited records given out only to those with tattoos, with your name etched in the record so you don't sell it on ebay. i believe they have somewhere around 400 tattoos documented world wide.
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The rock band Rocket From the Crypt announced way back when that any fan who got the band's logo tattooed on them got a free lifetime pass to any RFTC show.

They're a great band, and needless to say there are tons of Rocket tattoos out there.

Incidentally, I'm getting ink in an hour and a half. Yeah!
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Holy group thought.
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Agreed, kafkaesque. The minor leagues are carrying the torch of what baseball used to be.

The nearest minor-league team to me is the Ogden Raptors. Their ballpark is gorgeous, the beer is affordable, and when the stands sell out you get to sit on the field. Plus, I can put the whole family in box seats for under thirty bucks.

It doesn't get any better than that.
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Have you guys heard about Rocket From the Crypt?
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Are those the guys that do the tattoo thing?
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Woo -- a coupla years back in SF there was a mexican restaurant offering free food for life for anyone getting a tattoo. Had I lived on that side of the bay at the time, I'd probably have that cute little corncob pilot riding somewhere on my shoulder.
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