Harder Better Faster Beethoven
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Home-recorded piano cover goodness! Harder Better Faster Stronger - Note for note and Fur Elise Slightly Different.

Two surprisingly awesome piano videos in one week, I can't help but share. The dude playing Daft Punk says

"This is not the Kanye version, nor is it a loose interpretation. I spent a bunch of time going through the original track and writing down every note that's there -- I hope you enjoy it!"

and the Fur Elise cover starts as a rollicking jazzy/ragtime re-imagining - make sure you stick around for the B section.
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That Harder Better Faster Stronger rendition was pretty great. It made me imagine an alternate world where the Daft Punk version was a weird electronic adaptation of this original piano song.
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Also a great deal of fun, with bonus airhorn: George Barnett's solo cover of "Get Lucky".
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Daughter's Get Lucky cover is just gorgeous.

I enjoy the interactions between classical or jazz musicians and electronica, ala the Keepintime post. We'd the track Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling reach youtube's #8 top viewed video for 2012, now over 58 million views. Her other dubstep violin track Elements rocks too. In February, I saw an amazing impromptu collaboration between French violinist Hai Nguyen-de Bures and a DJ in Switzerland.
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jeffburdges, i completely agree. One of the more interesting live performances i ever saw was a guy, whose name i unfortunately completely forgot performing in the lounge/living room of an arts collective.

He had a sampler/looper setup of some kind with very few samples in it, and what he'd do for the majority if not basically all of his sounds to loop was beatbox through various effects and then play his violin along to sequences of that and sometimes sing.

Sort of beardyman or reggie watts plus a violin. It was brilliant. I could have watched the guy all night. He was incredibly talented.
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I'll always like the Son of Dave version of HBFS (previously).
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Emptythought - it wasn't Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), was it?
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How about an a capella version?
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I love Fur Elise Slightly Different. But sniper22b's Youtube playlist is full of gold:
Fur Elise slightly different number 2 (funk version!)
Toccata and Fugue (best version ever)
Wuthering Heights
Eye Of The Tiger - Heavy Metal Keytar
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Those Fur Elise guys are total badasses.
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(a better, or at least less audience screamy a capella.)
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Toccata and Fugue (best version ever)

Wait, I take that back:
Bach - Toccata & Fugue on Giant Foot Piano
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Along the same lines, Vitamin String Quartet covers Skrillex.
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It's so ...jazzy.
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Love the Bach on the giant foot piano.
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That Für Elise was awesome--the guys have some serious chops.

But the HFBS cover fell literally flat for me--the best way to describe it was because it seemed to fall into an "uncanny valley" between computerized/electronic music and piano music (the dynamics were mostly flat, but not quite, the beat was mostly "on the square" but not quite). Part of that may be due to the musician's technical/expressive weakness. I listened to the two other covers he posted, where he's not trying to imitate an "electronic" sound, and they are still dynamically flat and devoid of expressiveness.
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It reminds me of when you would download a MIDI file and the encoding would be somewhat messed up and it would play everything on the default acoustic piano setting. (Though thankfully the percussion hasn't been translated to atonal mutterings in the first octave.)
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The song by Daughter reminds me of Beth Orton.
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I second drlith, the chap's playing has virtuosity and a really nice groove in places if missing out on most of the range of expression. Strangely I seem to have a bias for noticing in musicians recently what I'd describe as a bargain of gaining power for losing touch. I wonder whether the relentless athlete-like drive needed to get up to a technical standard is just influencing the sound (most of your experience of music is a grind of exercise and work..) or if boldness has bluntness by nature. On the other hand it strikes me as just a piano bar type of playing. Whatever the case, more Heathcliffe please.
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Bach - Toccata & Fugue on Giant Foot Piano

That is clearly a foot organ, not a foot piano.
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Try the Goat Lucky remix.
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update: Daft Punk Medley - Electronic band Pigeon perform a medley of DAFT PUNK tunes live in the studio using a microKORG, NORD lead 2x, KORG microsampler, Roland SPD-SX, T.C HELICON Voice Live Touch, Rocktron Banshee Talkbox, Bass, Gibson SG Guitar, Tambourine and a 3 piece horn section.
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That shit is so good, I'm tempted to make an FPP out of it alone!
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