"I want a bustle so big I eat my Christmas goose on it!"
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The Roundabout Theatre Company in New York revived the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood (also known as just Drood) in 2012. The costumes got them so excited, that they couldn't resist rapping about the Victorian bustles (NSFW) (wiki, and previously). Includes Chita Rivera briefly krumping (previously).
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Ah, Drood, with music, lyrics and book (including a couple dozen possible endings that the audience could vote on) written by the very multi-faceted Rupert Holmes, sadly still most (in)famous for that "Pina Colada Song" that terrorized the pop charts at the cusp of the '70s. Yet, a few years before, I became an instant fan of his first album, "Widescreen" that included the shockingly NOT controversial "Our National Pastime"*, about a guy picking up a girl at a baseball game, to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner. As well as a pseudo-operatic song about losing your dreams and watching daytime Soap Operas, and a 10-minute absurdist Old Time Radio play. Still one of my favorite pieces of vinyl almost 40 years later.

*the date on this made-long-after fan video is wrong, the song was released in 1974.

But I digress...
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I can't believe I haven't seen this before now. Fantastic.
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I heard about this, it was supposed to feature RiFF Raff but they cut his verse.

Luckily someone leaked it and I found it on rapgenius.com:

Rolling matched team outside mourning black.
tint is smoke from that earwax.
Pomegranate bustle in the back.
glaciers down front lined potato sack.

Teriyaki wax, brussel sprout liquor.
Lamps spittin fire, Waterford crystal.
China white collar, stickpin is thistle.
Chain dripping ice Patek Philippe ticker.
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Could Chita Rivera look any better? It's almost obscene.
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That's a pretty good Uffie impression by the gal toward the end.
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