Photography as Technology
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The George Eastman House is producing a series of nicely produced videos, each about 10 minutes long, demonstrating every major technological development in photographic process with guidance from historians, curators, and artists and illustrated by objects from their collection. There are more to come, but you can start now with The Dageurrotype, The Collodion Process, The Albumen Print, The Woodburytype, The Platium Print, and The Gelatin Silver Print.
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Cool, thanks for this. I just signed up for a wet plate collodion class the other day!
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How long must I wait for the one on Kodak Photo CD?
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Maybe a year or two? I got to see a bit of their future plans and it does promise to extend right up to the present day.
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Will it cover atomic bomb shadow prints?
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Yet to be determined.
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As someone who works in the "alternative" (historical) processes, I really appreciate this, though the processes I work with aren't represented here, yet. One of my favorites, which is also one of the oldest, is the cyanotype. Here's one of my own cyanotypes.
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How long must I wait for the one on Kodak Photo CD?

About an hour.
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The Woodbury process is surprising. Wafer-thin gelatin-ink squeezer!
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This is really cool. It's amazing how many ways we're come up with to record images and how late of a development photography was.
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Kodak was deeply involved with digital imaging, too... I know a few engineers who went from chemists to software developers in mid-career at Kodak's urging. I'm still baffled at how they went under - the top echelon management must have never been onboard and completely oblivious to the radical sea change the organization was fostering under their feet. The rank-and-file all knew digital was the future, and, man, been to a CVS lately?

I have a shiny new Fuji EX system. I have gotten the best of both it and Apple's imaging software, and I need to print out nice jpegs of my daughter to send to family members not on Facebook. I was, at one point in my life, a pro photographer. I know shit from shinola on 5x7 glossy paper.

A well maintained Kodak kiosk system at your local pharmacy will make better color prints than you can with prosumer kit, easily and quickly with a baffling array of media. Trust me, it's shinola. Grandma-friendly, over and done in five minutes shinola. Awesome.

A poorly maintained kiosk system, and... well. I begin to see the problem. Along with terrible print quality.
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Slap*Happy: "I'm still baffled at how they went under"

The core business transformed into something that requires a lot less people; It's tough to maintain a company when you have plant for 100,000 people and only have 20,000 people employed.

Also I think they erred in not developing their own lense technology.
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Damn. I really, really wanna try to make a Woodburytype. Looks amazing.
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