"If people were more concerned, I wouldn’t have to be there."
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Her encampment is 'an old patio umbrella draped in a white plastic sheet secured with binder clips. It is flanked by two large boards with messages in capital letters: BAN ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS OR HAVE A NICE DOOMSDAY and LIVE BY THE BOMB, DIE BY THE BOMB. This rudimentary shelter has been positioned outside the White House for more than three decades. It is a monument itself now, widely considered the longest-running act of political protest in the United States, and this woman, Concepcion Picciotto — Connie, as she’s known to many — is its longest-running caretaker.'

Accompanying Photos: Keeping a Vigil

From 1988, Toledo Magazine: A Life of Protest
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Met her once, interesting woman
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We have -- I'm sure a lot of places do -- a similarly dedicated anti-war protester in my hometown (he's a Danish immigrant AND a Vietnam war veteran AND lost his twin brother in Vietnam). He's not cause-insular, though, as he's been very active with the Walker protests, registering voters, and so on. Pretty Mario Savio level of dedication to his cause.
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I probably saw her right at the beginning of this, when I was in DC for the summer in 1980-something. I definitely remember a nuclear protest. It's strange to think about her being there every day in the intervening 30 years.
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This article is so sad.
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Wow. I'm impressed. I wish that I had that sort of dedication to a good cause.
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I saw her when I visited Washington, D. C. with my eighth grade class in 1997. I knew her then and I'm glad to see that she's continued fighting the good fight. Other anti-nuclear peace activists need to have a plan in place for when she can no longer keep on doing her good work.
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I pass by this tent at least once a week, and particularly during the spring and summer, there are always people around, taking pictures or craning their necks. I wonder how many people see the vigil in a given year... even if the message only gets through to one in every 10,000 people, it could be a significant impact.
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