Was it really something she said about Judge Sirica?
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Was it really something she said about Judge Sirica? Or was it just that Renata Adler managed to piss everyone at the Times and The New Yorker completely? Nothing like a Gotham cat fight that gets old Watergate types involved. Well, at least this is Adler's side of the story.
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Does anybody know why this article, which is over a year old, is only now making the rounds? This is the second time I've seen it mentioned today.
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well, robot wisdom where i saw this link also points to a recent (oct, 2001) interview at mobylives.com

Mefi and all weblogs inherit principles which are shared by the press - the lazy tendency to point to a story that someone else has dug up. Blogdex, in this way, functions as a meme tracker, noting the progress of the successful viruses.

Mayorbob is simply, like all of us, an infected carrier.
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My bad is all I can say. Somebody emailed me the link and I went to it and I could have sworn it said something more recent than August 2000. Double damn.

BTW, the reason for the double post was I got an error message on the first try so I just submitted it again without checking Mefi.

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Old as it may be, I hadn't read it before, and I found it fascinating. It must have been very difficult to construct such a well-written, organized, and carefully worded essay under the kind of pressure she was under to do just the opposite. I had never heard of her before, but now I'm going to seek out her books.
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I wasn't criticizing your post, Mayorbob. I was just wondering if there was something going on that had revived interest in this story.
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