afraid to get tested?
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afraid to get tested? don't be. these are stories of all our HIV tests. it's always hard, but it's worth it. keep yourself safe, keep your lover safe.
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go see kids if you are in any doubt that testing is a good idea.
be prepared for two weeks of nerves, though.
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I've been tested twice, and both times the waiting was definitely the hardest part. Like the person in the story, what scared me most was potentially having to call people I had slept with and tell them I was HIV positive.

Both of my tests were negative, and sometimes I just sit in awe at what a lucky woman I am.
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Then there is this little nugget from the Washington Post:

Apparently, a whole bunch of people who should be getting tested are refusing to do so. Is this just fatalism, "I'd rather not know the answer", or ignorance?
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Okay... Just as an excercise in thought here, I don't really understand why you'd get tested. I mean, besides knowing if you're going to die or not (which you're perfectly entitled to make your own decision on, imho), what are the reasons to get tested?

One reason I can think of is:
"Don't trust your partner. You should both get tested and rely on this rather than his or her word."
Sure. Trusting your partner with your life is a little extreme. Isn't this what condoms are for? And isn't there a period of about 16 days between when HIV is contracted and the testable signs of it show up. So you use the condom for those two weeks? And how often is this testing supposed to occur anyway? Once a month? I mean, if you're not trusting the person why would you be so lenient about it?

I think testing is a good idea. Unfortunately it doens't seem to make much rational sense to me. Someone want to help me out with this?
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While there are reasons against getting tested for HIV/AIDS, which arguably are selfish; the reasons for getting tested are mostly from consideration for others.

Many who suspect that their own days are numbered due to their own life-style choices (or for any other reasons), do not want their fears validated by a test. The decision to get tested should be more for a selfless reason. You'd want others, your partner(s), past, present and future; your children, should you or your partner be pregnant; to be safe and free of HIV/AIDS. Or at least aware of it, incase your results are not that of relief, so that they can seek proper medical treatment while there's still time.

There is even an online AIDS test from the AIDS portal Red Ribbon.

[All 13 letters between 'the reasons for' are hyperlinked to pages that explain why someone should get tested.]
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