This is ground zero of the worst epidemic in the history of humanity.
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This is ground zero of the worst epidemic in the history of humanity. The Globe and Mail reports on AIDS in Botswana, where 38.5% of the adult population is infected (52% of those between 19 and 29). And yet, even here, there is reason to hope: a mobilized population, a government on-side, and ambitious research programs.
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What has been predicted before now may yet still come true: the huge infection rates in parts of Africa may lead to the identification of many individuals who are naturally resistant; examining these individuals will allow it to be determined what factors, if any, these resistant individuals have in common. We will hope that it's a biological characteristic (rather than a behavioral one) that can be instigated or introduced into uninfected, at-risk populations so that it may become a vaccine.
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The Globe and Mail link above currently points to an article by Leah McLaren. (The website of 'Canada's National Newspaper' is a national embarassment.) This link works for me. And the article should show up here eventually.
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What the hell -- ? Sorry about the link, everyone. And thanks to todd for providing a solution. (I did post the right link, I did! Honest! Not my fault!)
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The story has now been posted at the author's website.
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