A Recording Venue, Not the Popular Post-Processing Effect.
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Hello. DJ Flula (who's commentary on English idioms was discussed previously on MeFi) has discarded the conventional wisdom that the best place to make your recordings is the bathroom, choosing instead to record in cars.

Because he shuns the use of pre-recorded audio when making his "AUTO tunes" tracks, many of the videos, such as this cover of Psy's Gangnam Style, begin with him laying down the loops that he uses for his background tracks.

They also test the limits of how much DJ equipment and musical instruments can be crammed into one vehicle and still be usable, as shown in his rendition of Thrift Shop by Macklemore (NSFW, Explicit Lyrics).

He will also ride along with other passengers, as evidenced in his video for Seven Nation Army that he made with his parents, and this cover of Bel Biv DeVoe's Poison in which he colaborated with Turquoise Jeep, instead of riding in one.

Full playlist can be found here in all its glory.

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Heh, I can see the driving range in the background of the Gangnam Style video from my fire escape in Koreatown. And oh God the bike cop at the end! Perfect.
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I quite enjoy these. Doing Thrift shop outside of goodwill? Good thing he's quick, he was about to get kicked out.
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Wow. That's a lot of prep work.
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The inside of a car is very "dead" sounding, as opposed to a bathroom which is very "live". Recording spaces in the 70’s were very dead and it goes in and out of fashion, but extremely live spaces have rarely been common except in special effects uses.

So if you don’t have a good space to record the inside of a car is not the worst idea sonically, just comfort and practical issues.
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My favourite: Can't touch this !
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I've always thought a car would be good for vocals -- I mean you have convenient mount points, lots of damping on the bottom (especially with velour, I'd suppose) and big reflective surfaces on the top.
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Pretty sure Steve Miller did the vocals on The Joker in his car. That was his iso booth.
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I sound way better in my car and shower than in a recording booth.

Well, to me.
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I sound better anywhere there is not a recording device.
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This popped up in related videos for me: Flula @ Let's Talk About Something More Interesting: The first and most funny thing about you is that you talk like a German person, but you look just like a normal person.
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OK yes good post but i must mention that he does use the bathroom sometimes
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I want to correct the way he is holding that french horn while he is playing it. He's doing it so he can point it at the microphone, which is reasonable. But it's so very wrong.
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here he is interviewing Larry King
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