Bagpipe your beard-splitter if you want, but mind the fartleberries.
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An excerpt from Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, by Melissa Mohr. (Salon article; be warned.)
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Also of note, Maledicta, which was interesting until it went totally off the rails.
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Also of note, MeFi's Own™ languagehat wrote a book about untranslate-able swears called Uglier Than A Monkey's Armpit.
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Is this the place I can petition to bring back "dingleberry" and "dingbat" as equivalent to "douche"? Nobody likes a dingleberry.
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not a true history if it doesn't include "butt puzzle"
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Bloody is a fantastic all purpose swear word. I can use it in front of my mother without being told off yet it manages to convey appropriate vexation with whatever ails you.
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A character in the mock Christmas pantomime “Harlequin Prince Cherrytop and the Good Fairy Fairfuck” (1879) declares, “For all your threats I don’t care a fuck. / I’ll never leave my princely darling duck.” (The panto relates the story of Prince Cherrytop, who has become enslaved by the Demon of Masturbation. The Good Fairy Fairfuck helps him conquer his addiction to self-abuse, so he can embrace the joys of holy matrimony with his betrothed, the Princess Shovituppa. It was written by an eminent journalist for the Daily Telegraph, whose work had also been published by Dickens and Thackeray.)
That's a Christmas special I'd tune in for.
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Also of note, Maledicta, which was interesting until it went totally off the rails.

I've bought the annual editions of Maledicta when I've found them at used bookstores and such. When/why did it go off the rails, if you don't mind telling the story?
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