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The self-storage unit is a portal to an alternate dimension. A single-topic blog on the news of the weird in storage units (via bldgblog)
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Time to re-read Snow Crash
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I always figured that's why it was "self" storage and not "stuff" storage.
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Isn't this just a SEO spam blog for various storage providers?
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Looks like SEO to me, but it's really well done.
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From the blog:

Storage Auction Winner Surprised By Vast Human Organ Collection

oh my god someone hold me
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The first three years of posts look like boring SEO self-puffery, but in 2012, it just gets good.
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Basically, when Dominic takes over writing the posts from Katrina.
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Totally misunderstood the post and thought it was going to be about shipping container housing.
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My boss keeps all the cars and motorcycles he's wrecked over the years in storage units. His heirs are going to love that.
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Storage Auction Winner Surprised By Vast Human Organ Collection

Oh, Florida.
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My dad used to manage self storage units... It was awesome to drive around the whole property on a golf cart with him sometimes just so we could survey all the funny people coming to store their weird stuff. I grew up in the Valley and as such many of my dad's customers were stars and celebrities and they often had a lot of bizarre and interesting stuff to store away from their Beverly Hills homes. It was a 4 or 5 story building, too, so there were lots of ramps to the various units everywhere and it was crazy fun to floor a golf cart in order to zoom down the ramps and scream like you were riding a roller coaster at Disneyland. (Doing this on a skateboard was substantially more terrifying.)

One time my dad had this weird feeling that something was off in the whole place, so he decided I couldn't come with him on his rounds that day, which sucked because it was summer vacation and I was bored as hell. Sure enough, someone reported later that day that blood was seeping into their unit from the unit above, and upon inspection one of my dad's coworkers discovered that some poor man had somehow gotten himself utterly smooshed by a giant, heavy bookcase that contained all of his memoir notes, so blood was seeping into all the other units around it like no tomorrow. Apparently this was extra gruesome because the deceased gentleman in question was this skinny little man and the amount of blood coming from his body was extensive, so some people were thinking that maybe somebody else had died but no other bodies were found. Took months to clean up completely regardless.

In conclusion, self storage management is a pretty epic body of business sometimes.

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So they're bigger on the inside?
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Well, it does say "self storage".
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Time to re-read The Maxx
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