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Suspended in Void - a lovely collection of Italian ex votos depicting people who survived falls under the watchful eye of the Virgin Mary. Previously: a larger collection of ex votos from various cultures. (Via Heading East)
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I should note you can click all the images to see the details and inscriptions. Plus, that prior post by vronsky is a true gem if you hadn't yet seen it.
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I have a few Mexican ex voto reproductions. I've tried to get mostly sexually oriented ones, so I have one that's commissioned by a prostitute giving thanks for not being arrested for murder when her client had a heart attack during the act (he survived), one where the guy was having sex with his friend's wife and managed to hide under the bed when his friend unexpectedly came home, etc.

The art is much more naïve than these, though, and the spelling is uniformly atrocious.
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But who will save The Queen of Heaven, should she ever fall? Extra-Virgin Mary??? This proves the fallibility of religion, and may God strike me dead if I am ly-
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Hard not to look at those and not think of The Falling Man (warning: possibly upsetting 9/11 image).
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Meanwhile, members of the "Virgin Mary Was Not Watching" camp politely refrain from raising their voices in dissent.
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More ex votos: Mexican and Italian.
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Wonderful semi-flat style on these. Thanks for the link.
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I'm imagining a First World Problems version of this. Thank you, Blessed Mary, Mother of God, that I was able to avoid jury duty today!
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Thanks for posting, great stuff.
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