"an inadequate title for this ragbag of lectures and classes"
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Literature and Form is a series of four lectures by Oxford literature academic Dr. Catherine Brown. The lectures are on the themes of unreliable narrators, chapters, multiple plotting and what comparative literature is. You can listen to it as a podcast or through iTunes U. In this lecture series Brown primarily looks at some central structures of the novel as well as examining what the study of literature entails. Brown weaves in examples from world literature, especially English and Russian literature of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries.
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In her lectures, Dr. Brown references two other sections, one on microtexts and the other on Russian Formalism, but these were seminars and weren't recorded.
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She wanders all over the place in the unreliable narrator lecture, telling a rambling pointless story about allergies to start off and throwing in a major book/movie spoiler with only a casual afterthought apology. I got bored early on.
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cookerg: it's a lecture about the unreliable narrator. The rambling pointless story about allergies and her edition of Nabokov's Pale Fire signed by his son Dmitri who famously disapproved of his works is part of the point, and reminded me of the tales of students whose dogs ate their homework. And then comes the message: "concentrate!".
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Thanks, I'll have a listen to these.
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If the unreliable narrator lecture doesn't strike you as the most interesting one (I found it fascinating, mind you), there's no need to start there. I came across this series while looking for more information about chapters, so I started with lecture two.
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Thanks for posting this, Kattullus.
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