Return Of The Nazi Weather Robot
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What won the war? The weather helped. For while the Allies had access to all the Atlantic meteorology, the Axis couldn't easily predict what systems were rolling in from the West - and with the Battle of the Atlantic the one thing that Churchill said kept him awake at night, knowing which way the wind blew certainly needed a weatherman. Or Britain would never be starved into submission. The Weather War was complex and engaging,

Reports from U-boats and weather ships were dangerous to make, giving away positions and even - famously - fatally compromising the Enigma system. What the Nazis really needed were men on the ground on the other side of the Atlantic that wasn't happening.

Instead, they built a robot called Kurt, and, in the only WWII armed enemy operation on land in North America, deployed it.

And there it sat while its masters fought and lost, forgotten in the tumult. Until decades later a chance finding by a German historian set off a hunt to track it down...
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That's cool. I've gone by those items at the War Museum but never gave them much thought.
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Sort of Imperial Probot vibes off them, ain't there.
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Having installed many remote weather stations, can I just say I'm thankful for solar panels (providing lightweight remote power, instead of hundreds of kilos of batteries), microcontrollers (which can run a weather station on milliwatts) and satellite comms (which allows worldwide data transmission with a few watts)?
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Devonian: "in the only WWII armed enemy operation on land in North America"
Ahem. The Sirius Patrol and the US Army fought German weatherman several times in Eastern Greenland during 1943-44.
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Ah, now, I knew of the Sirius Patrol's (also entirely fascinating) story but always considered that on European territory. Which it was, but on North American geography. I should have worded it better...

Damn you, Greenland. Why you so ambiguous?

The other thing to watch for is saying that this happened in Canada, a bullet I did dodge - it was the Dominion of Newfoundland at the time.
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I'm pretty sure Alaska is part of North America.
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For meteorology nerds, I recommend Forecast For Overlord by James Stagg. Stagg is the British Royal Air Force meteorologist who persuaded General Dwight D. Eisenhower to change the date of the Normandy landings.
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The only operation on a sovereign territory culturally considered a North American country by a non-Japanese Axis belligerent.
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Germans! With guns! In Newfoundland! And a shortwave, nickel-cadmium powered, ten-metre-tall, Nazi robot! From a submarine! With scientists!

I do love MeFi. Keeps me honest.
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The WFL would broadcast weather readings every three hours during a two-minute transmission on 3940 kHz.

Talk about the Holy Grail of shortwave recordings. I've found some pretty weird stuff, but this would be a lifetime capstone to unearth.
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"Imperial troops have entered the base!
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I think SIGSALY would be my lifetime shortwave find...
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Damn. Sounds like a plot for a new Hellboy comic.
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I'm trying to think of how the U-Boats could have plugged the cryptographic leak that sending the weather reports created. The best I've got so far is, use a separate Enigma system to encode these and only these broadcasts.
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Hey, I've seen that in person!

I hope you enjoy, as I spent ages deleting pictures from my photostream so that this one would be within the most recent 200
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There was actually another German military operation on American soil, which involved landing sabateurs in Florida and on Long Island, and which had just as much effect on the war:

George John Dasch and the Nazi Saboteurs.
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