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Each event has a different theme, revolving around a past era. Previously, Steam Garden did a Meiji-themed party — a fascinating time when Japan was opening its doors to the West, and fusing Victorian fashion with traditional kimonos and obis. This time, the code word was Celtic Fantasy. Luke describes it as “a blend of industry, fantasy, and epic adventure set to a soundtrack of exciting tribal and Celtic music.” - Japanese Steampunk, complete with bagpipes, medieval food, fire dancers and wood elves.
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You know, this isn't my scene, but somehow the fact that people are having this much fun somewhere in the world makes life just a little bit better.
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I know! "It's an imaginary alternate 19th century where blah blah blah fuckit I'll go as Scottish Khal Drogo or a pixie or something. Woohoo!"
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I am glad there are people living life for me and others willing to tell me about it so I can stay on this couch and be lazy.
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My Google-fu is failing me, but there is an NHK kid's show that features steampunk. And kids that play musical instruments in some kind of band, all set a weird CGI scifi / steampunky world. It’s pretty short—episodes are only about 15-20 minutes I think. Anyone know this show?
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I stopped going to these types of events (in New York, not Shinjuku) because I realized I never have the right thing to wear.

I so wish I was the kind of person who could get it together enough to costume herself for a Meiji Victoriana theme party.
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They should go to next year's Beltane Fire Festival.
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