Beyond Amazon.
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Beyond Amazon. The latest Holt Uncensored is a review of online book stores from various regions of the U.S., including Boulder Bookstore, with its "invaluable subsites," and, Square Books where "You'll feel almost set down in the hot and leafy Courthouse Square of Oxford, Mississippi," Amazon Bookstore Cooperative ("not *that* Amazon [but] the oldest independent feminist bookstore in North America" (in Minneapolis) - and a dozen more. Do you have a favorite that was left out?
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And this is just the "first batch." The full list will "soon be posted on its own page at"
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without question,
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Holt includes Powells in this first batch, praising all the cool features, like Review-a-Day emails, "Bibliolatry: Opinions from a VERY Independent Bookseller named Carlisle, Other Voices (great links), and "one of the newsiest, most erudite and hilarious newsletters on the web."
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"AMAZON BOOKSTORE COOPERATIVE - No, it's not *that* Amazon, thank heaven - it's the *better* and *truer* Amazon"

Sorry, but that diction just sticks in my craw.
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Hell, why isn't St. Marks Bookshop on the list. I moved away from NYC and miss it dearly.
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Abe Books - aka the Advanced Book Exchange. I have used them to obtain several out-of-print and hard-to-find books from small independent shops. Fantastic site.

City Lights Books.

And oh my, how can they leave out The Strand?
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