The Long Swath
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The Long Swath is a satellite image by NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission that captures, in a single continuous image, a strip of land 120 by 6,000 miles stretching from South Africa to Russia. The image can be explored in Gigapan, Google Earth, and fly-over videos and high resolution images.
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I love Landsat, and I'm so glad they are continuing the program. Sure, MODIS is great too, and I wish it all the best for the future, but the LDCM is really tickling my fancy at the moment. Thanks.
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I'm re-installing Google Earth again after a long time away to play with that kml file. Thanks for posting this.
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The Red Sea counts as land?

(minor quibble, I love this type of stuff, thanks for posting)
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Just putting in a request to the lazyweb for someone to texture map that to the inside of a Ringworld/Culture Orbital 3D model, pop it into the Unreal Engine or something, and let us fly around and look at it. Bonus points for bumpmapping terrain elevation.
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Thanks carter, your posts are always great!
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Thanks peacay! - Afterwards, I got into scrolling up and down the image in Gigapan, and looking at how the landscape slowly changed, especially in relation to human activity. I've been to some wide open places, and this really brought home the scale to me.
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Medina looks like it has a crater, in the photo. In Google Earth, it looks more like a giant mosque, as I'd expect. I don't understand why it looks like a crater.
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