The emptiness went on and on. Both feet left the ground.
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I know how much can be at stake when a man takes a four-hour walk: Everything. The incomparable Gary Smith relates the tragic tale of 2004 Olympic hopeful Albert Heppner.

Much of Gary Smith's writing is available free in the SI Vault.
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He stopped taking Prozac. An Olympian couldn't possibly need such a crutch, and besides, the quest killed sadness better than any drug could. "It's just situational depression," he told people. "I'm fine now.... My life is like a fairy tale now."

Those words have killed many strong people.
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I think that's the only comment this post needs justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow.

Of course now I've gone and ruined it.

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No words... At the bottom of the obituary linked above, it reads (italics original): Please stay in touch with your running and walking friends - it's OK to care!
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Thanks for sharing this article. I never knew anything about Olympic race-walking before and how challenging it is.
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First post here. I know this guy's father, met him as a volunteer mediator, and worked with him on a family conflict through a non-profit community mediation center. This is a beautiful article about his son, and I had no concept of this part of his past. As I consider the survivor, some of the remarks from 2004 now ring as unfamiliar to me, though the loss of such an energetic young man remains breathtakingly sad.
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This article is amazing. Thank you for sharing. Poor Al.
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