Au revoir, Georges Moustaki.
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Au revoir, Georges Moustaki. The French chansonnier, who got his start writing for Edith Piaf, and later had a lengthy career of his own, has passed away. His simple, languid, contemplative songs include "Le Métèque", "Ma Solitude", "Votre Fille a Vingt Ans" and many, many, many more. He was 79.
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I know essentially nothing about Georges Moustaki, but I'm guessing that, like another classical-guitar plucking songster, Leonard Cohen, ol' Georges got laid like linoleum.

Sorry if that seems a bit irreverent for an obit thread, but, man, if you write good songs and you've got eyes like Georges, well... it's a done deal.

RIP Georges Moustaki, and thanks for the post, Capt. Renault. Any links to good English translations to his songs that anyone might drop into this thread will be greatly appreciated!
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"Ma Liberté" and "Il Est Trop Tard", with French and English subtitles.
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Enjoyed Georges for years. RIP. The music continues, and in that way so does Georges.
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This makes me very sad.
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I didn't realize he co-wrote "Milord." One of my favorite Piaf chansons. RIP.
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