Adorable children rap about school uniforms
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Khaki Dance by The NSJ Crew. SLYT
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Ha! This was great. Thanks for posting.
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For those unfamiliar with The NSJ Crew, it is comprised of some of the same children as Y.N.RichKids of Hot Cheetos & Takis / My Bike fame. I believe NSJ Crew is solely students who attend the school while YNRichKids also includes members of the community.
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I was waiting for mini-mystikal, and then he arrived at 2:35.

Why do I get the feeling that the goofy cook and janitor are their "hip-hop teachers"?

What a great community program.
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That is adorable! If the kids wrote their own raps, I'm extra impressed.
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It's awesome how they all have their own "voice" - rhymes and lyrics that are anything but interchangeable. Nice beat, too...
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Approximately 98% as awesome as Hot Cheetos & Takis.
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Hot Cheetos & Takis is my wedding song. Seriously.

In the Youtube comments, someone assigned a grownup equivalent to each kid based on the flow style. umbĂș, I think mini-mystikal is actually thought to be more of a Waka Flocka. One idle afternoon, I taught myself his verse. YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!!!

I've really really thought about this just a little too much.

I also would like to state for the record that I'm still waiting for my Gangnam Style vs Hot Cheetos & Takis mashup. Universe, hurry up.
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I like Dame Jones' new mohawk. I'm also relatively sad that Nasir isn't in this one, but FlyGuy Carter is giving him a run for his money.

I think the primary difference between NSJ Crew and Y.N. RichKids is that it's all male, which means that we don't get J on the track. Outrage.

Clearly, I too have spent a little too much time thinking about this stuff.
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HOW GOOD CAN A THING BE THIS IS BEYOND BELIEF. Seriously, the smile just broke my face, I think.
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daniel striped tiger, I miss Jasiona and her sideway hop too. I feel like which kid is my current favorite is some kind of tea leaves reading exercise into my psyche. Ben 10 is the most memorable/theatrical, but sometimes I want a more sedate style ala Frizzy Free.

Lyrics for Khaki Pants
Lyrics for Hot Cheetos & Takis

You know, for our scheduled singalong.
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I see several future stars...
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Aww hell yeah.
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I see several future stars...

"Future" stars? Nuh-uh. NOW stars!
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