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Welcome to Daily Star Wars
"2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars daily strip that was published in newspapers by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. In honor of that I've decided to start this blog where I'll be posting a new strip everyday to recreate the series original run. These strips were some of the only Star Wars stories going on at the time and generally had a more serious tone than their Marvel cousin. They're also officially recognized as part of the EU and fill in the gaps between films."

This being a blog, everything you find on the main page is in reverse order. This links the first page, and you can click the "newer post" link below the comment box to progress through the series in order. Of course, every page's comic can be clicked to view a larger version.

The blog appears to have not been updated since Feb 20, 2013.
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The art is nice, at least the spaceship stuff, which has a Seventies technical illustration feel to it. The character resemblances are extremely varied, though. Luke Skywalker generally looks at least reasonably like Mark Hamill, but Han Solo looks nothing like Harrison Ford, or anyone in particular, he's just a generic 70s comic character.
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For those wanting to read paper copies, most (all?) of the newspaper run has been reprinted until the title of Classic Star Wars over the last two decades, with the original creators in some cases re-working the art to fit different formats.
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This is really neat. The comic itself is, so far, kind of lacking (super personal nitpick: Vrad Doddonna's mustache just bothers me). But there's a part of me that's giddy to read "new" Star Wars stuff.
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I recall clipping the first dozen or two of these before giving up. But before that, the spring before the movie, in fact, Alan Dean Foster's novelization was serialized in my local newspaper. That was my first encounter with the Star Wars universe, though I think I was already eagerly awaiting the movie. Presumably it was a syndicated serialization. Anyone else remember it?
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WHAT? There was a Star Wars comic strip? I'm 42 years old and I never heard of this until now? The Washington Post and the Free-Lance Star owe me an explanation!!!
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I was about to snark but the snark turned into an interesting thought.

Star Wars seems to be even more popular than ever. But, instead of really engaging in the story of star wars, it seems to be more about the business of star wars.

For instance, for as much as star wars has been posted on the blue and reddit and facebook, I can't remember the last time I heard someone make a "Luke-I-am-your-father" joke.
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Daily Star Wars at 11:38 PM

Nice touch
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WHAT? There was a Star Wars comic strip?

Yep, written by Archie Goodwin, drawn by the incomparable Al Williamson, who's done a lot of other sf comics as well (one of the original EC artists). Parts of it were also drawn by Russ Manning, another comics giant who had a long run on the Tarzan newspaper strip and who created Magnus, Robot Figher. Reprints available from Dark Horse while they last, the company having lost the rights to Star Wars material; Disney now owning both Lucasarts and Marvel comics, the latter will get to do Star Wars again.
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Expanded Universe.
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The character resemblances are extremely varied, though

I recently read through most (ok, all) of the Marvel Star Wars comics thanks to Dark Horse's gorgeous omnibus versions and the variation is weird. Especially because some of the best comic artists were the worst at getting even an impression of the actor into the art, Carmine Infantino being the biggest disappointment for me. I couldn't tell you how Walt Simonson did though because his spaceships and settings were so impossibly gorgeous I never noticed. It's a small nit to pick though, even as a fanboy, given Jabba the Hutt is a biped who's in reasonable shape by human standards in the pre-Empire comics.

Vrad Doddonna's mustache just bothers me

It's funny to see that now. Back then I suppose it was reasonable for a good guy*, but in 2013 I want to scream at Han and Luke, "How are we even debating if that guy is evil?"

* At least if his wife is murdered and his daughter is sexually assaulted by muggers.
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If it was part of the EU surely the Death Star would have more safety handrails
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Vrad Doddonna... ?!?
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